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As a leading provider of Deck and Concrete restoration, we take pride in offering the best environmentally friendly (green) sealants on the market. Sealwize uses an Inorganic, mineral sealer that contains no petroleum or solvents. Inorganic sealants are not effected by harmful UV rays that weather off traditional organic petroleum based stains. Locally owned and operated out of Littleton, Colorado, we are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Sealwize has sealed and restored over 800 decks and concrete surfaces in our 8 years of committed service to 100% customer satisfaction.


Sealwize ZR44 Water Repelling Wood Sealer

Zr44 is a scientifically engineered, inorganic, solvent free, super-hydrophobic, penetrating water repellent that imparts superior water resistance to wood, giving it dimensional stability and protection against decay.

The key to Zr44’s effectiveness is its unique cross-linking mechanism, which locks the super hydrophobic materials into the pores of the wood. As a result, the dimensional stability of wood treated with this system far outperforms wood treated with any other waterproofing sealer on the market.

Zr44 is a non-film forming system that completely disappears into the pores of wood and does not provide a film to support the growth of mold and mildew spores. The net effect is, wood treated with Zr44 will not weather at near the rate of untreated wood or wood treated with typical stains and sealers containing silicones, wax or solvents. Wood sealed with Zr44 Clear Water Repelling Wood Sealer has the highest possible level of protection with the least amount of owner maintenance and reapplication costs.



  • Unmatched protection without covering up the natural beauty of wood
  • Contains no ozone-depleting compounds
  • Contains no cancer-causing Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
  • Non-toxic, no dangerous fumes or odor
  • Harmless to plants, animals and environment
  • Zr44 is unaffected by UV exposure
  • Retards fungus, mold, wood rot and warping
  • Resists penetration of grease, oils and acids
  • Does not change surface traction
  • Retards deterioration caused by weathering
  • Will not alter color or texture of wood
  • No oily residues
  • Increases the strength and hardness of wood
  • Outlasts all other waterproofing sealers


Sealwize LithiSeal Concrete Sealer
Hardener & Densifier

A “Green Chemistry” Advanced Lithium Silicate Technology to restore, maintain and protect concrete materials and structures.

LithiSeal is a highly self-reactive water-based lithium sealer that contains no VOCs or solvents. It is designed to deeply penetrate and react within the substrate on a molecular level. LithiSeal actually fuses with the substrate, filling up macro and micro spaces within the substrate, resulting in long term protection against water penetration. Once the process is complete, the effect is irreversible, creating permanent water resistance of the substrate.

Once LithiSeal is fully dried it is virtually unaffected by salt spray and chemical attack, preventing most surface deterioration caused by repeated applications of ice melting salts. LithiSeal also reduces or eliminates most types of efflorescence and prevents damaging surface Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR).

While most sealers deteriorate over time, LithiSeal is a state-of-the-art deep penetrating lithium sealer that actually improves with age.




  • Allows water-vapor to escape through the substrate
  • Will not contribute to condensation problems


  • Performs well on both neutral and alkaline materials
  • Deep and complete penetration into dense materials
  • Performs well on worn, old and deteriorating substrates



  • Quickly beads water so hydrophobricity can be demonstrated immediately, so you know it’s been applied and is working
  • Treated surface is easier to clean and stays cleaner longer
  • Tightened surface pores mean snow and ice cannot easily penetrate and attach itself so removal is easier



  • Seals, hardens and strengthens in one easy step when applied to clean concrete.
  • Prevents Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in concrete pavements and structures
  • Eliminates the formation of dust
  • Resists mildew, fungus and mold growth
  • Retards flaking, spalling and other serious surface disintegration due to freeze-thaw
  • Protects internal rebar and reinforcing steel from corrosion



  • Prevents rain from penetrating the surface within one hour of application
  • Stops moisture intrusion on both exterior and interior surfaces
  • Unaffected by long-term exposure to UV rays, ozone, driving rain and temperature extremes
  • Reduces transmission of hazardous gases, such as radon and methane


  • Chemical reaction deep within the substrate forms hard, insoluble structures, filling the macro and micro spaces, solidifying the entire substrate into one solid mass
  • Significantly increases structural and compressive strength
  • Helps insure substrate will meet or exceed its design strength


  • No maintenance or reapplication costs every few years
  • Will remain effective as long as the substrate remains intact
  • Ready to use, no job-site mixing
  • Clean and treat in the same day
  • Apply to dry, new or old, rough or smooth surfaces
  • Ease of application saves expense of both material and labor
  • Easy soap and water cleanup
  • No elaborate and expensive site preparations for public safety
  • Long term shelf life



  • More durable than organic sealers, in all kinds of weather
  • Protects many years longer than organic sealers, in the same application
  • Does not deteriorate the substrate it is protecting as organics do
  • Chemically compatible with common building materials
  • Provides a better life-cycle value and does not harm the environment or the people who handle it as do most organic sealers
  • Will not effloresce causing white stain on the treated surface as do many sodium sealers
  • Licensed engineers, architects, and application contractors have many efficiency, performance, and product advantages over other water sealing methods and companies


Sealwize REPELZ Ultra Shield
Oil and Water Stain Resistant Sealer

A Planet safe “Green” Product from SEALWIZE.

REPELZ is a clear, breathable, low VOC sealer that provides both Hydrophobic and Oleophobic properties to a broad array of substrates including concrete, masonry, tile, brick, pavers, and porous natural stone surfaces such as: granite, marble, sandstone, flagstone, bluestone, travertine, terracotta, unglazed tile and grout, terrazzo, and many others. REPELZ not only reduces the ingress into these substrates of water and water-borne contaminants, but also effectively resists the penetration of oils and other organic based materials that cause staining and discoloration.


  • Any interior or exterior concrete or masonry surfaces exposed to water, oil or other organic substances that are susceptible to staining or discoloration.
  • Concrete walkways around schools and sports arenas.
  • Patios, barbecue areas and outdoor kitchens.
  • Decorative or colored concrete and pavers.
  • Garage floors and concrete driveways.
  • Retail store concrete aprons.
  • Restaurants and outdoor dining areas.
  • Office building walkways, entrances, loading docks.
  • Anywhere concrete and masonry surfaces need to appear clean and sanitary with a minimal amount of cleaning and maintenance.


All surfaces to be treated must be structurally sound. The surface must be thoroughly clean, dry and free of anything that will prevent REPELZ from bonding properly. This includes, but is not limited to: curing compounds, bond breakers, release agents, coatings, sealers, stains, oils, grease, dirt, efflorescence, dust, salt residue, etc.